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Last week we played host to a few visitors in the conservation lab in connection with a couple of exciting exhibtions to keep an eye out for.

The first was Francis Amu a conservator from Ghana Museums and Monuments Board bringing with him a selection of pottery from Koma Land, this will be only the second time this type of pottery has been seen in Europe. Our Senior conservator, Sam Sportun, spent a week earlier in May in Ghana helping to pack up these beautiful objects safely so that they would reach us in one piece, which I’m glad to say was successful! The figurines will be studied by Prof. Timothy Insoll before they go on display in October in the exhibition “Fragmentary ancestors: Figurines from Koma land”

The objects as they arriveds in their crates

The objects as they arrived in their crates


Sam's favourite item - the legless chameleon
Sam’s favourite item – the legless chameleon


Unpacking the objects (phew they all arrived in one piece!)

Unpacking the objects (phew they all arrived in one piece!)

The second visitors this week were Alisa LaGamma, Curator of Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas and Ellen Howe, Objects conservator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. They came to complete some research into the Power Figures which many of you may have seen in the Living Cultures gallery. Our examples of these figures are in unusually complete condition and with an excellent context and known collection history are able to enhance our knowledge of these fantastic objects.

Taking a close look at the power figures

Ellen Howe taking a close look at the power figures

Taking samples for analysis


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